Providing all-inclusive, value-added management solutions for Decommissioning, Demolition & Remediation Projects.

About Us

JAMES Limited offer specialist project management and Construction Design and Management (CDM) services on high hazardous sites including top tier COMAH sites within the oil, gas, power generation, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

We work for industrial clients and their decommissioning, demolition and remediation supply chains to offer project life cycle support that includes, consultancy, contract procurement, project/contracts management, Principal Designer (CDM 2015), and compliance auditing for decommissioning, demolition and remediation activities.

What We Do

From project concept to project completion we provide value added support that allows clients to feel informed and confident in their objectives to transform their assets. We bring a wealth of experience of what works well and a sound understanding of where constraints should be considered when designing these types of projects. We bring a physical presence to the execution activities to demonstrate that the projects are working to design.

Our Approach

Our fundamentals are to be open and collaborative with all parties involved in the projects to help combine stakeholder objectives and limit divergence. Starting with the understanding of the project, its constraints and the full site information needed to derive a comprehensive scope, it leads to a clear unambiguous commercial arrangement with stakeholders. This benefits commercially and more importantly, benefits safety, health and environmental factors that shape the success of any project.

Our Mission

To build a reputation in the industry for being a business that can be relied upon by all involved these types of projects. We want to make sure no harm comes to those in our industry and would like to lead by example of how projects can be planned and executed in a way whereby all parties can fairly benefit from their involvement. We believe this will be driven by demonstrating high standards of work and being clear, concise, open and collaborative every step of the way through the project life cycle.

Our Services

Feasibility Studies

Decommisioning Project Management

Demolition Preparation and Principal Advisor

Demolition Project Management

Cost Engineering and Management

Quantitative Risk Management

Waste Management


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